How to Make a Reservation

With our LINE account, you have two options available for making reservations: a simple tap-to-book method and a method utilizing chat.


You can make a reservation easily with just four taps.

Available reservation slots are displayed in blue, while reserved slots are shown in gray.

《1》Tap the "Reserve Now" button in the chat screen menu.

《2》When you tap on your preferred date slot, the available times for that day will be displayed.
If you only want to view available times, that's all.
If you wish to make a reservation, please proceed to the next step.

《3》Tap the preferred time slot.

《4》After the confirmation screen appears, review the date and time, then tap the (確定する)'Confirm' button to complete the reservation.

You will see a Provisionally confirmation message, so please wait for the approval message."

※About Holidays Days without displayed dates are considered holidays. Our clinic's schedule is irregular.

(2)Reservation Confirmation, Cancellation, and Modification

Tap the 'Review Your Reservation' button.

Currently, the details of your reservation are displayed.
If you only wish to review the reservation details, that's all. If you intend to cancel or modify, please proceed to the next step.

If you want to cancel or make changes, please tap [キャンセルする]'Cancel'."

After the confirmation screen appears, review the details and tap [確定する]'Confirm' to complete the cancellation."
If you're making changes to your reservation, please rebook after cancelling.

(3)Reserving through chat on LINE

You can also make reservations through chat, just like regular LINE chats. Please use this option if the designated time slots do not suit your preferences.

Tap the square keyboard icon below the chat screen menu."

The keyboard will appear, so please enter your request and send it.